Listen to Giggs and P Money team up on new song ‘Where & When’

P Money's new album 'MOE3' is coming soon.

Giggs and P Money have teamed up on new song ‘Where & When’ – listen to it below.

Set to land on P Money’s upcoming ‘Money Over Everything 3’ album, ‘Where & When’ hears the New Cross MC team up with Giggs over a heavy yet simplistic backdrop produced by Silencer.

Scaring men/ Big Mac I’ll be there in 10,” Giggs raps after multiple gunshots ring out. “Old school, I’ll be there with Spen/ Big black geezer, it’s there and then/ Yeah, it’s there and then/ They dare me but I’m daring them/ Oh no, I ain’t hearing them/ Double M, yeah, I’m here with Em.


Accompanied by a set of dark visuals directed by Chas Appeti, P Money and Giggs are seen in a smokey warehouse with their squad in tow and a few flashy vehicles on show.

Watch the video for ‘Where & When’ below:

Earlier this year Giggs released his fifth album, ‘Big Bad’. In a four-star review, NME‘s Thomas Hobbs said: “What’s most impressive about Giggs is that even when he collaborates with US rap stars, he manages to stay authentically British. Too often, UK rappers try to Americanize their sound, but Giggs drops Ryan Giggs references and jokes that his enemies are “as thick as shit” even on tracks that feature household US stars such as French Montana (‘Hold Up’).”

Meanwhile, during a lyrical spat between Drake and Wiley, Giggs allegedly called Wiley a “Fuckin clown,” before adding: “like we are friends, we ain’t friends, don’t push humour fuckin luck u idiot. Is this what u want people to see, me wound up? Don’t run no fuckin jokes with me.”