Listen to The Horrors’ Faris Badwan on comeback Hercules & Love Affair song

It is the first release since 2014's 'The Feast Of The Broken Heart'

The Horrors frontman Faris Badwan has teamed up with Hercules And Love Affair on their new song ‘Controller’.

The track is the first single from Hercules’ as-yet-untitled next and fourth album and is their first since the release of ‘The Feast Of The Broken Heart’ in 2014. You can listen to the track below via The Fader.

Frontman Andy Butler took to Twitter to announce the track, which is officially out tomorrow (February 9).


He wrote: “Very happy to finally share new music. Controller feats wonderful Faris. Out 9/2. Tell me what U think!”

“The new album is a lot about spirituality,” Butler told The Fader. “Faris was happy to engage with that. He went into the recording booth, would come out with something, and I’d say, ‘Did you just sing, I love what you’re making me do?’ He’d say, ‘No, but that sounds cool’. That’s how the song was made, it unfolded out of an unconscious process. It’s about being used by a higher entity but there’s this second layer which is a play on intense sub-dom sexual roleplay!”

Badwan, meanwhile is working on a new album with The Horrors.

The singer previously said: “We’re recording our new record at the moment. It’s a traditionally long process with The Horrors. It’s going well now.”

But he did not reveal what the new material sounded like. “Don’t ask me what it sounds like,” he said. “I could say anything to you now and it’d sound completely different by the time we finish.”


Last year, the singer released a new album with his side project Cat’s Eyes.

‘Treasure House’, was recorded at Real World Studios in 2015 and was produced and mixed by Steve Osborne  who has previously worked with New Order, Suede and Happy Mondays. It was the first studio album since their self-titled debut LP in 2011.

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