Listen to James Blake’s beautiful new song ‘Mulholland’

The musician has shared the 'Assume Form' bonus track online for the first time

James Blake has shared a new song called ‘Mulholland’. Scroll down now to listen to it.

The track was previously only available as a bonus track on the vinyl release of the musician’s latest album, ‘Assume Form’, which was released in January.

‘Mulholland’ features Blake’s vocals warped with effects as he sings the repeated lyric “They’re just not understanding me” over a simple piano melody and slow beat. You can listen to the track below now.


Upon its release, NME awarded ‘Assume Form’ five stars. Reviewer Tom Connick wrote: “Gone is the hazy, south London nightbus ambience of Blake gone by. In its place is a newfound sharpness, a twinkle of grand piano signalling the record’s arrival, while, lyrically, the musician pushes through the cloudy mindset that once consumed him.”

The record featured collaborations with the likes of Andre 3000, Rosalía, and Travis Scott. Blake recently shared a video for his track with the latter, ‘Mile High’, which saw the pair fall into a darkened underworld.

Meanwhile, Blake recently performed a cover of Joy Division’s ‘Atmosphere’ at a gig. It followed a series of covers on his latest tour by artists including Joni Mitchell, Frank Ocean, and Beyoncé.

Earlier this year, the south Londoner spoke out about the impact that the touring lifestyle can have on artists’ mental health. “There are a lot of musicians just starting out now who might not be aware of the pitfalls of touring, and the pitfalls of a musician’s life,” he said. “Mental health on the road is something which has generally been left until this generation to really deal with.”