Listen to Johnny Marr’s new single ‘The Bright Parade’

The Smiths legend is due to headline the Royal Festival Hall as part of Nile Rodgers’ Meltdown tonight (August 8)

Johnny Marr has shared his new single ‘The Bright Parade’ – check it out below.

The song is Marr’s second single this year following his eco-disco single ‘Armatopia’. The anthemic track has a Joy Division-esque bassline driving through it backed up by a spine-tingling guitar solo.

The Smiths legend released his third studio album ‘Call The Comet’ last year.


He is due to play two homecoming gigs at Manchester’s Albert Hall on September 4 and 5. Before that he will also headline the Royal Festival Hall as part of Nile Rodgers’ Meltdown Festival tonight (August 8).

Marr recently slammed people who kept referring to Boris Johnson by his first name like “some cuddly fun character” ahead of him becoming Prime Minister.

“I wish people would stop referring to ‘Boris’ like he’s some cuddly fun character. They should refer to him by his full name; ‘That Wanker Boris Johnson’,” he said.

We spoke to Marr on site at Glastonbury recently, chatting about his setlist, and who he’d like his next high-profile collaborators to be.

“I think I play quite a lot of Smiths’ songs. I play enough. If I were to play any more than I play now then it would tip the balance over,” he told NME‘s Andrew Trendell at Worthy Farm. Watch that full chat below.


“For me, a set is a little bit like a movie where you get all your scenes in place. Eventually you get them in the right order as what you want to be as perfect. Sometimes if you play around too much, as much as I like it, you just change the dynamic.”

Speaking of future collaborations, he hinted: “I think me and Bernard [Sumner, New Order/Joy Division] will probably do something again in the future, Maybe I’d like to rope Stephen Morris in at some point. Stephen’s always been one of my favourite musicians – not just because he’s from Manchester, but no one’s ever managed to play like him, before or since. Also, I really rate Gillian too. So maybe I’ll just join New Order… on bass.”

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