Listen to Lily Allen’s powerful cover of Tears for Fears ‘Mad World’

It's a very very....

Lily Allen has recorded her own soulful take on Tears For Fears‘ ‘Mad World’ as part of Spotify’s Singles series.

The track, which is available now, sees the singer offering a stripped back version of the track. Characterised by Allen’s haunting vocals, it isn’t too dissimilar from the Gary Jules cover that appeared on the soundtrack to Donnie Darko.

She’s also recorded a unique take on ‘Family Man’, taken from recent album ‘No Shame’.



Last week, Allen released My Thoughts Exactly, her first ever tell-all memoir.

In the book, she explains the importance of speaking up as a woman in the face of online misogyny and abuse from Twitter trolls.

“I don’t react well to being bullied or backed into a corner,” wrote Allen. “I don’t want to be silent. That’s why I keep tweeting – even though my Twitter feed is hijacked by people tweeting hateful comments – many of them sexist.


She continued: “I don’t want to be silent. Women have been silenced for millennia, and I’m not going to be part of that. I want to speak up, and if that means I sometimes get it wrong, then then I should be able to correct myself, apologise, move on and still carry on speaking up.”

Allen also revealed how she slept with a female escort while battling personal demons after the commercial failure of 2014 album ‘Sheezus’.