Listen to Metallica’s Lars Ulrich read children’s story ‘The Dinosaur That Pooped Christmas’

2012 tale was written by McFly

Metallica‘s Lars Ulrich has got into the Christmas spirit by reading McFly’s children’s book The Dinosaur That Pooped Christmas.

The drummer read the story word for word on Jo Whiley’s Radio 2 show. You can listen to Ulrich’s reading in the tweet below.

The 2012 tale was written by McFly’s  Tom Fletcher and Dougie Poynter.


Fletcher described the plot as being “about a boy who gets a dinosaur for Christmas which goes on an unstoppable festive eating rampage until Christmas is gone. The only way to get Christmas back is for the dinosaur to poop it out.”

Footage recently emerged of Metallica delivering an impromptu performance of ‘Enter Sandman’ in a US supermarket.

The band were recording a segment for Billy Eichner’s Billy On The Street show when the deli counter of a supermarket began to play their music.

The metal group’s first album in eight years, ‘Hardwired… To Self-Destruct’, was released last month (November). They were beaten to the UK Number One by Little Mix.

Frontman James Hetfield recently revealed that a song from their new album was inspired by Amy Winehouse.


Winehouse’s death influenced the track ‘Moth Into The Flame’ from ‘Hardwired… to Self-Destruct’. Hetfield recently said that he was inspired to write the song after watching last year’s Amy documentary.

He explained: “Just watching that movie was extremely saddening – how her life went from such a lively joyous person, to someone who was just trying to escape the reality of where she was.”

“It really hit me in the one part of the movie where she was lost in her mind, it seemed, and she was just leaving her flat in England. The press were just hanging out in front of her place all the time, snapping these pictures of her. ‘Hey, Amy, how’s it going?’ Talking to her like they know her.”