Listen to ‘Nobody Else’, the ravey new solo single from Kasabian’s Serge Pizzorno

The latest track from The S.L.P. is here

Serge Pizzorno has released another new track under his new solo moniker, The S.L.P.

The Kasabian guitarist released his debut track ‘Favourites’ in May, which featured a guest appearance from rapper Little Simz.

Now, Pizzorno has shared ‘Nobody Else’, which bounces on a piano house melody. “It’s so fresh it makes your toothpaste jealous,” the musician wrote on Twitter.

You can listen to the track – and watch the star going back and forth on a swing – in the visualiser below.

Speaking to NME about going solo, the guitarist said downtime in Kasabian’s schedule had given him the chance to do his own thing. “I found a perfect little window to experiment and see where that took me,” he said. “I just enjoyed that freedom of being able to do whatever.”

He added that there was the potential of him making a full solo album. “We’re going to see how it goes,” he said. “I’m never out of the studio. That’s my place. I’m always writing, always working. Luckily that’s my job.”

Meanwhile, Pizzorno’s Kasabian bandmate Tom Meighan told NME earlier this month he will be “doing his own thing” in the meantime.

“Serge is doing his thing, I’m doing my thing,” he said. “I’ve actually been growing vegetables in the garden. We have guinea pigs and a sphynx called Vivian The Headless Cat. I’m going to be growing plants, planting seeds. I’m not David Bellamy – God rest his soul.”

Asked if he himself had plans to write solo music, Meighan replied: “I’ve been doing it for years anyway. We’ll get together next year and write a record. I love Serge and I back him 100%. He’s my Paul [McCartney].”