Here’s ‘Pretty Shining People’, the new single from George Ezra


George Ezra has released ‘Pretty Shining People’, the latest track to be unveiled from forthcoming second album Staying At Tamara’s.

The upbeat track offers one of Ezra’s biggest choruses to date, and follows the release of ‘Paradise’, which dropped last month and ‘Don’t Matter Now, which was released last year.

It’s also been accompanied by a typically offbeat lyric video that sees Ezra performing a karaoke version of the track in a nightclub where he doesn’t appear to be attracting the largest of audiences.


The scenario is a far cry from reality, however, as he’s sold out every date on his upcoming UK tour, which follows the release of Staying At Tamara’s on March 23.

Away from music, Ezra also recently launched a new podcast which sees him discussing a wide range of topics with an equally varied array of guests.

The first episode debuted last month and saw George grilling Ed Sheeran – where the latter claimed that his next album won’t be a pop record.

The next record that I’m making is not a pop album”, he said.

 “The reason it’s not a pop album is people expect you to come and the next album they’re going to be like ‘it has to be bigger than ‘Shape of You’ and it has to sell more than this’, but if I control it and go ‘here’s a lo-fi record that I really fucking love,’ my fans are gonna be like ‘Yay!’, and the pop world are gonna be like ‘oh well, maybe the next one.’”