Listen to previously unheard Amy Winehouse vocals on a new song with Nas

Archival recordings have been unearthed for a new Salaam Remi cut

Producer Salaam Remi has released a new song that features Amy Winehouse’s vocals posthumously.

The track is taken from Remi’s upcoming compilation Do It for the Culture 2. His first instalment, ‘Do It for the Culture’, was released in 2017.

Pitchfork reports that Winehouse’s singing on ‘Find My Love’ was recorded during a jam session several years ago with Remi, who worked with the late singer on her albums ‘Back to Black’ (2006) and ‘Frank’ (2003). The song also features lyrics and vocals by Nas.


He said of the song: “Working with friends is the best part of being a creator. With Nas and Amy being two of my closest creative partners over the years, this organically feels like the first song from my Do It for the Culture 2 collection of songs.”

A posthumous vocal from Winehouse also featured on Nas’ ‘Life Is Good’ single, ‘Cherry Wine’, in 2012.

Speaking to NME at the time, Nas said the track came from “God, and Amy”. Asked if Remi had the track from their recording sessions, he said: “Yeah, Salaam worked on her last album, and they were working. We don’t even have an explanation for how it happened. It was just magic. It just happened. It was supposed to happen. She made it happen.”

Last year, it was announced that a biopic about Winehouse is in the works. The story will reportedly be written by Geoff Deane, who has previously penned acclaimed comedy movies including Kinky Boots.