Listen to a previously unreleased version of INXS’s ‘Please (You Got That)’ with Ray Charles

The original song featured on the band's 1993 album, 'Full Moon, Dirty Hearts'.

A previously unreleased version of INXS‘s ‘Please (You Got That)’ featuring Ray Charles has been released from the upcoming soundtrack to new Michael Hutchence documentary Mystify.

The movie, which debuted to critical acclaim earlier this year, examines the story of the Australian music icon and the events leading up to his untimely death in November 1997. ‘Please (You Got That)’, featuring Ray Charles, is the second track to be taken from its soundtrack, ‘Mystify – A Musical Journey With Michael Hutchence’.

The previously unreleased version of the track features candid in-studio banter between Hutchence and Charles that hears the INXS frontman teaching the song to the legendary singer showcasing their very different but complementary vocal styles.


Coming about because of a chance meeting in Paris when both were recording in the same building complex, ‘Please (You Got That)’ originally appeared on INXS’s 1993 album, ‘Full Moon, Dirty Hearts’.

Speaking in 2001, INXS keyboardist and songwriter Andrew Farris said of the collaboration: “We thought it unlikely that he would sing the song with us, but we gave him a copy of the song to listen to anyway. To our surprise, Ray said he liked the song, but the key was way out of his range. We were running out of time, so instead of re-recording it, we switched songs and suggested he listen to ‘Please…’ instead. He immediately warmed to this one, and Michael and he shared the vocal parts, recorded in Ray’s studio in Los Angeles in 1993.”

Listen to the previously unreleased version of ‘Please (You Got That)’ below:

According to a press release, “‘Mystify – A Musical Journey With Michael Hutchence’ is the creation of long-time INXS manager Chris M. Murphy working with his old friend Mark Edwards, the duo worked to produce something more than just a soundtrack, as the name suggests the listener goes on a journey where rare, unreleased tracks mix with snippets of dialogue, massive INXS hits and hidden gems from both Michael and the band’s back catalogues. The album is divided up into four sections; Side A, Side B, Side C and Side D all of which mix into each other giving the listener a more profound dreamlike experience than the usual soundtrack.”


You can pre-order ‘Mystify – A Musical Journey With Michael Hutchence’ here.

Mystify is currently playing at film festivals around the world and will open in the UK later this year.