Listen to The Raconteurs’ Brendan Benson recall his hilarious first encounter with Jack White

A 20th anniversary White Stripes box set is out next month

The RaconteursBrendan Benson has opened up about his first encounter with Jack White.

Speaking in a forthcoming podcast series from Third Man Records and Misfire Media titled Striped: The Story of the White Stripes, Benson recalled meeting him for the first time in the late 1990s and he wasn’t impressed.

“We were standing in a room and I was showing him all my stuff, you know, I was kind of showing off all my crap — guitars and amps,” Benson said. “He was smoking a cigarette and he looked around — for an ashtray, I guess, now — but he didn’t find one, so he kind of ashed on the table. I was just like… shocked.” Listen to the podcast via Rolling Stone here.


The first season of the podcast will deal with the early days of The White Stripes as part of a celebration of the 20th anniversary of their self-titled debut.

The podcast, hosted by journalist Sean Cannon, brings in fans and friends from the band’s early days, including members of Pavement, Wayne Kramer of the MC5 and filmmaker Lance Bangs.

Striped: The Story Of The White Stripes premieres on October 8th via Apple Podcasts.

Last month, The White Stripes announced a 20th-anniversary box set, complete with live recordings, unreleased tracks and unused studio takes, to celebrate their debut album.