Listen to rare Weezer single ‘The Last Days Of Summer’

Band recently reissued their 'White Album'

A rare Weezer fan club single has surfaced online.

The track – ‘The Last Days Of Summer’ – featured on the band’s recent deluxe reissue of ‘The White Album’. You can listen to the track below.

The release also featured three bonus tracks and a remix with additional contributions from members of Pussy Riot and Fitz and the Tantrums.

In October last year, Weezer shared previously-unreleased song, ‘Fake Smiles and Nervous Laughter’.

The track formed half of a special split 7″ single with Wavves, and featured as one of the bonus tracks on ‘The White Album’.

The band are currently working on a new album which frontman Rivers Cuomo suggested could be a darker offering known as ‘The Black Album’.

“What could stand out more against ‘White’ than ‘Black’?” he explained.

“I think it’s going to maybe be like Beach Boys gone bad,” he continued. “I’m thinking of swearing, which is something I’ve never done in songs.”

Cuomo also said the album would tackle “more mature topics” and be “less summer day and more winter night”, adding: “If it were a movie in the United States it would be rated R instead of PG.”

Meanwhile, Wavves are set to return with their sixth studio album this year.

Frontman Nathan Williams told fans on Twitter that the album is now finished and will come out on his Ghost Ramp record label in April.

The currently untitled album will be Wavves’ follow-up to their 2015 set ‘V’.

The band recently banned Donald Trump supporters, racists and homophobes from their North American tour.

Williams said he drew up the list of banned groups because “people are suffering every day and, the way I see it, you’re either part of the solution or part of the problem”.

The list ended with a blanket ban of Donald Trump supporters because, Williams reasoned, “That’s basically three or four of the aforementioned topics”.