Listen to Savages’ Jehnny Beth’s brutal solo single ‘I’m The Man’

Get a taster of her debut solo album, taken from the new Peaky Blinders soundtrack

SavagesJehnny Beth has shared a taster of her upcoming solo album with first single ‘I’m The Man’. Check it out below.

A snippet of the track was first heard in the latest series of Peaky Blinders, with the song also set to feature as one of three previously unreleased track of the upcoming official Peaky Blinders soundtrack album.

A journey into different sounds, ‘I’m The Man’ stomps through the sonic terrain of industrial rock and punk, with a brief interlude into ambient piano. Lyrically, it’s an existential questioning of right and wrong.


“‘I’m The Man’ is an attempted study on humankind, what we define as evil and the inner conflict of morality,” said Beth. “Because it is much easier to label the people who are clearly tormented by obsessions as monsters than to discern the universal human background which is visible behind them.  However, this song has not even a remote connection with a sociological study, collective psychology, or present politics; It is a poetic work first and foremost. Its aim is to make you feel, not think.”

While Savages have been on a break since 2017, Beth has used the time since to collaborate with the likes of  PJ Harvey, The XX, Gorillaz, The StrokesJulian Casablancas, and Anna Calvijoining the latter on stage to cover Nick Cave’s ‘Red Right Hand’ at the Peaky Blinders Festival in September.

Beth also released the acclaimed soundtrack for Showtime’s XY Chelsea – a documentary about Chelsea Manning – which she co-wrote and recorded with longtime producer Johnny Hostile.

Having previously teased that a solo album is in the works, Beth said that we’d be hearing plenty more from her various projects in 2020.


“I’m always making music,” Beth told NME.  “I just finished a soundtrack with Johnny Hostile for the Chelsea Manning documentary. There’s definitely new music coming out in the next year or so. I’m finishing a lot of projects. I’m living between London and Paris. I think you’re about to find out!”

And what of her work with Primal Scream frontman Bobby Gillespie?

“We’ve made some music together, yes,” she replied. “I’ve been working so much on various projects, not just music. Part of our life is to create things. It’s one thing to create something but then you have to remember to put it out. That’s just another thing we need to put out! It’s in the charts and it’s coming!”