Listen to Soccer Mommy’s new “Simlish version” of ‘Shotgun’

"My life has truly come full circle"

Soccer Mommy has shared a “Simlish version” of ‘Shotgun’ as part of the new ‘High School Years’ expansion pack for The Sims 4.

The original song appears on the Nashville singer-songwriter’s third studio album ‘Sometimes, Forever’, which came out in June.

“Can’t believe u can hear shootbleng (aka shotgun) in sims now,” Soccer Mommy – real name Sophie Allison – tweeted to announce the updated edition. “My life has truly come full circle.”


The track is accompanied by a Sims-inspired video that sees a virtual Allison play guitar and sing ‘Shotgun’ in Simlish (the fictional language featured in the long-running game series) around her house.

Announced in June, the ‘High School Years’ expansion for The Sims 4 means that players can now attend classes and after-school teams, socialise with friends in the cafeteria, and decorate their lockers.

The update also explores teenagers’ lives outside of the school gates, with students being able to spend time with their friends in other locations, go on dates, or get up to some mischief.

“High school is a time of self-discovery! Find the confidence to ask your crush out or the guts to skip class,” said EA.

Soccer Mommy, meanwhile, recently spoke to NME at Governors Ball 2022 about the different approach she took to making her latest record in comparison to her previous album, ‘Color Theory’.


In a four-star review of ‘Sometimes, Forever’, NME wrote: “The reductive tags that may have previously been assigned to Soccer Mommy – sad, chill, nostalgic – have no foothold here. This is nuanced, purposeful songwriting from an artist growing.”