A robot has written a song in the style of The Strokes

Take I.T. or leave I.T.

A comedy band has released a song based on The Strokes’ lyrics by using AI.

Tech and music collective Botnik wrote the lyrics for a song called ‘I Don’t Want To Be There’ with the help of algorithms. A team of artists, writers, and developers then recorded the track in Chicago.

Dazed reports that the song is part of Botnik’s mathematically perfect pop album, ‘The Songularity’. Listen to the song below:


CEO Jamie Brew said in an interview posted on Medium: “I expect we’ll continue to see AI tech that tries to help people do things as fast as they can while making the fewest possible decisions.”

Dazed recently launched a campaign called AGE OF AI, which sees the publisher investigate musicians currently working with AI. They also explore how machine learning could impact on the future of the creative industries.

In other news, the Arctic Monkeys recently covered the New York band’s track ‘Is This It’, taken from The Strokes’ debut album of the same name.

Rumours were rife about the Monkeys covering the track at the New York show in July after footage emerged of them soundtracking the song.


The cover appeared in the set one song after ‘Star Treatment’, which begins with Turner singing: “I just wanted to be one of The Strokes/Now look at the mess you made me make.”