Listen to three new Let’s Eat Grandma songs taken from soundtrack to new art installation

The duo have dropped 'Overflow', 'Glittering' and 'Salt Lakes'

Let’s Eat Grandma have shared three new songs from a soundtrack to an upcoming art installation.

The songs are taken from the soundtrack ‘Dark Continents: Semiramis’, for the new installation by artist Tai Shan.


According to the artist’s website, the new installation revolves around “a city of women”, specifically referring to the kind written about in Christine de Pizan’s feminist book, The Book of the City of Ladies from 1405.

“Dark Continent too takes this structure of an allegorical city of women to explore ‘feminine’ subjectivity and experience, the feminine not as female but as “a kind of radical otherness to any conception of the real”, as well as the potentials of a realism defined by excess and the irrational, qualities traditionally surrounding notions of “femininity”. A non-place, a home to out-of-placeness, a deliverance from otherness.”

The music is the band’s first since last year’s ‘I’m All Ears’ LP. In a four-star review of the album, NME‘s Elizabeth Aubrey said: “It’s hard to state the scope of ‘I’m All Ears‘ and how well it marries a multitude of styles into one cohesive whole.

“This is a thrilling, fascinating album that continually startles: it’s a bold step forward and one that feels like a glimpse into the future,” the review said, with the album sounding “light years ahead of their debut”.