Listen to 12 Beastie Boys rarities as band celebrate 15th anniversary of ‘To the 5 Boroughs’

The band shared the rarities online

Beastie Boys have shared 12 new rare tracks as the band celebrate the 15th anniversary of ‘To the 5 Boroughs’. You can stream the new tracks below.

Posting on social media yesterday (June 14), the band wrote: ” To the 5 Boroughs came out 15 years ago today. For the occasion, twelve rare tracks have just been released digitally in addition to the original 15 songs on the album.”

Reviewing the album, NME wrote: Culturally and stylistically the real Five Boroughs are a million miles from our lives. Beastie Boys’ true genius is that they make them sound just like home.”


You can see the post and listen to the rarities below.

Back in May, a new Beastie Boys documentary premiered online, celebrating the 25th anniversary of their album ‘Ill Communication’ – watch the short film below.

The pioneering New York group’s fourth studio album featured such tracks as ‘Sure Shot’, ‘Sabotage’ and ‘Get It Together’, and is widely considered by fans to be a key release in their back catalogue.

The film, Still Ill: 25 Years of the Beastie Boys’ ‘Ill Communication’, features interviews with the group’s surviving members Michael ‘Mike D’ Diamond and Adam ‘Ad-Rock’ Horovitz, with the pair dive deep into the making of the 1994 album, which a press release hails as “arguably one of their high points as artists and generational touchstones”.


Still Ill also shines a spotlight on the late Beastie Boy member Adam ‘MCA’ Yauch and his contributions to ‘Ill Communication’ in particular.