Listen to a demo of the “first true” The Cribs song ‘Feelin’ It!’

The song was originally part of a 4-track demo tape from 2001

The Cribs have shared a demo of “really early” song ‘Feelin’ It!’, which was the first track all three Jarman brothers appeared on.

‘Feelin’ It!’ originally featured on a 4-track demo tape from 2001 and is being re-released as part of the reissue of their 2004 self-titled debut.

Announcing the track on Twitter, The Cribs wrote: “Alright everyone, time for a really early, unheard demo – we just shared the 2001 4-track cassette demo version of ‘Feelin’ It!’ on our streaming channels – taken from the deluxe CD version of ‘The Cribs’ 2022 re-issue”


Check it out below:

A note alongside the track explains that “‘Feelin’ It!’ was the first ‘true’ (involving all 3 brothers) Cribs song… although that one was written by Ryan on his own and recorded in his bedroom at our Mum and Dad’s house.”

“The reason why the vocal style is so laidback is because I didn’t want Mum or Dad to hear me recording my vocals cos I was embarrassed, so they’re really quiet – almost spoken,” explained Ryan. “I was sat in my bedroom with my back against the door because someone was in the bathroom having a bath, and I had headphones on so I didn’t want whoever it was just walking in on me whilst I was singing. It really changed the overall vibe.”

He went on to add that “the environment that song was recorded in is the antithesis of what you would ever expect rock ‘n’ roll to be created in.”

A re-recorded version of ‘Feelin’ It!’ was released as a B-side to ‘The Cribs’ single ‘What About Me’, and also featured on their 2006 ‘Arigato Cockers’ EP.


The Cribs are set to release anniversary additions of their first three albums – 2004 debut ‘The Cribs’, 2005 follow-up ‘The New Fellas’ and 2007’s ‘Men’s Needs, Women’s Needs, Whatever – on July 29, followed by a handful of shows in London and Leeds where they will play the records in full. You can pre-order the reissues here.

The new reissues follow the Wakefield trio’s recent ‘Sonic Blew Singles Club’ series, which saw them release the tracks ‘Things Could Be Better’, ‘Yellow Venus’‘Sucked Sweet’‘The Day I Got Lost Again’ and ‘Swinging At Shadows’. The band’s last full-length album came in the form of 2020’s ‘Night Network’.