Listen to a snippet of Pearl Jam’s new track ‘Who Ever Said’

‘Gigaton’ is coming next week

Pearl Jam have shared a snippet of their upcoming new track ‘Who Ever Said’ – you can listen to it below.

The Seattle band are due to release their 11th full-length album ‘Gigaton’ next Friday (March 27), and have so far shared the songs ‘Superblood Wolfmoon’, ‘Dance of the Clairvoyants’ from the project.

As the album’s arrival edges closer, the group have now offered up a brief instrumental clip of their next single.


“But I won’t give up. No I won’t give up,” they captioned an accompanying visual of a volcanic eruption.

Pearl Jam’s ‘Gigaton’ will consist of 12 tracks, including ‘Never Destination’, ‘Buckle Up’ and ‘Come Then Goes’ – see the full tracklist below.

1. Who Ever Said
2. Superblood Wolfmoon
3. Dance of the Clairvoyants
4. Quick Escape
5. Alright
6. Seven O’Clock
7. Never Destination
8. Take The Long Way
9. Buckle Up
10. Come Then Goes
11. Retrograde
12. River Cross

Discussing the LP, guitarist Mike McCready explained that making the record had been “a long journey” for the group.

“It was emotionally dark and confusing at times, but also an exciting and experimental road map to musical redemption,” he said. “Collaborating with my bandmates on ‘Gigaton’ ultimately gave me greater love, awareness and knowledge of the need for human connection in these times.”


Meanwhile, Pearl Jam are among the many acts to have postponed their upcoming tour dates as the crisis coronavirus continues. The first leg of their ‘Gigaton’ stint was due to kick-off today (March 18) in Toronto.

“We are so sorry… And deeply upset.. If anyone out there feels the same based on this news, we share that emotion with you,” the band said of the news.