Listen to Arlo Parks’ touching new single ‘Hope’

The song deals with feelings of "knowing that you’re not the only one low"

Arlo Parks has shared a new track called ‘Hope’ – you can listen to it below

Premiering on BBC Radio 1 tonight (January 27) as Annie Mac’s Hottest Record In The World, the song follows on from ‘Caroline’, ‘Hurt’, ‘Green Eyes’ and ‘Black Dog’ in previewing the London singer-songwriter’s debut album ‘Collapsed In Sunbeams’, which arrives on Friday (January 29).

“The song surrounds isolation, being present in your pain and knowing that you’re not the only one on the planet feeling low,” Parks explained. “I think especially in times like these it’s important to focus on the inevitability that things will get better.”


You’re not alone/ Like you think you are/ We all scars/ I know it’s hard/ You’re not alone“, Parks sings in the chorus.

‘Hope’ is accompanied by a Molly Burdett-directed official video which is described as “a warm, vibrant exploration of friendship and introversion”.

We see the singer dancing and hanging out with a lonely friend in the touching clip, before offering her a shoulder to cry on. Towards the end, the pair join a group bonfire in the park and then head to the beach.

“I think there’s something so powerful about the saturated, filmic textures, the human portraits and depictions of euphoria,” added Parks.


“Acting has always been a secret dream of mine and this was a beautiful challenge.”

In a five-star review of ‘Collapsed In Sunbeams’, NME wrote: “Arlo Parks may be the voice of Gen Z, but there’s no doubt that this is a universal collection of stories that’ll provide solace for listeners of all ages and backgrounds for decades to come.”