Listen to Bruce Springsteen interview Dave Grohl and Eddie Vedder on Letter To You Radio

The Boss is hosting the daily show in the run-up to his new album

Bruce Springsteen has interviewed Dave Grohl and Eddie Vedder for the latest edition of his new Apple Music series, Letter To You Radio.

The Boss is set to release his twentieth studio album ‘Letter To You’ on Friday (October 23), and is this week hosting a five-part daily radio show on which he speaks to various musical guests.

For yesterday’s edition of Letter To You Radio, Springsteen interviewed the Foo Fighters and Pearl Jam frontmen about their respective careers.


At one point, Grohl recalled the moment he realised a “skinny, nerdy” youngster like himself could make it big as a rock star. You can listen to the full show here.

Grohl remembered: “I saw this Chicago punk rock band, and then, I had that Ramones moment, where a lot of people saw the Ramones, and they were like, ‘Oh my God, it’s three chords, man. And the songs are two and a half minutes long’. It’s like, this is not ELO. This is not Genesis.”

Foo Fighters, Dave Grohl
Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl CREDIT: Lester Cohen/Getty Images for The Recording Academy

Elsewhere, Springsteen wanted to hear from Vedder about the Seattle grunge scene, because “we didn’t come out of a scene with a lot of peers. We were a one-shot out of Asbury Park [New Jersey].”

Offering his thoughts on Pearl Jam, The Boss told Vedder: “You had the kind of band that simply was a big, powerful band with a reach that wanted to extend to a sizeable audience. I mean, it was just in the nature of your music. I don’t know if you feel like that or not, but that’s how it looked from my vantage point from the outside.”

In response, Vedder said his band had gained “a lot of attention” from their first album (1991’s ‘Ten’), and that they “just wanted to make the next record and have the next record be better”.


“I was like, ‘If you like this, then I think we got even more that we can better that one’. Yeah. I just wanted to make more records,” he added.

For the remaining episodes of Letter To You Radio, Springsteen will interview Brandon Flowers from The Killers (October 21), Jon Stewart (October 22) and Steven Van Zandt (October 23).

In a five-star review of ‘Letter Tou You’, NME wrote: “A powerful synthesis of past and present, ‘Letter To You’ shows us the strength that can be found in sorrow. The result is Springsteen’s finest album since 2002’s ‘The Rising’.”