Listen to Everything But The Girl’s new single ‘Caution To The Wind’

The duo will return this year with 'Fuse', their first new album in over two decades

Everything But The Girl have shared the second track of their comeback – listen to new single ‘Caution To The Wind’ below.

The duo returned last month with new single ‘Nothing Left To Lose’, their first new music in 24 years, and details of a new studio album titled ‘Fuse’, which will come out on April 21 via Buzzin’ Fly/Virgin.

The indie-electronica duo of singer Tracey Thorn and multi-instrumentalist Ben Watt released 10 albums before they split in 2000, their last being 1999’s ‘Temperamental’.


Discussing the song, Thorn said: “Lyrically, ‘Caution To The Wind’ is a simple song about arrival and seizing the moment, so with the music we tried to capture the feeling of a perpetual point in time.”

“I let the words quickly collapse and loop inside the production,” Watt added. “The drums emerge and repeat, and everything then starts to unfold in cycles of anticipation and release. I guess it’s just classic nightclub tension and euphoria.”

Of their comeback, Watt told NME recently: “We’ve never been a particularly nostalgic band – we’ve always been known for making a different record every time. Sometimes that’s meant going against the mainstream, but we just try to keep ourselves interested and keep things contemporary.

“We wanted to come back with something modern-sounding,” he added. “We’re not out there on the heritage trail doing ‘best of’ tours or playing arenas. We just wanted to make a piece of work that would sound great now in 2023. That was the driver.”

Listen to the new single below.


Of what to expect from the new album, Thorn told NME: “We’re not even going to try and describe the whole album. We’ve been shying away from telling it to people in words before they’ve heard it. We just want it to land and for people to decide for themselves what kind of record it is.

“People will hear this single and assume the album is more electronic than acoustic, but there is a mixture of stuff on there.”

Discussing its creation, Watt added: “It wasn’t a pandemic album or a lockdown album – it just struck us that the time was right after 23 years of waiting.

“It’s hard to put a finger on why. We didn’t go into the studio with any plans. We knew there was a bit of pressure because it was the first thing we’d done in ages, but we just wanted to be a bit playful and experimental to see what happens. There wasn’t a masterplan.”

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