Listen to Jack Peñate’s new song ‘Remember In New York’

The track was written while he was walking through NYC’s Lower East Side

Jack Peñate has released a new song, ‘Remember In New York’ – listen below.

The track follows the London musician’s ‘Noetics’ EP in August, which arrived a year on from his comeback album, ‘After You’. The record was Peñate’s first in a decade.

‘Remember In New York’ was written while walking through NYC’s Lower East Side, and is accompanied by a video and artwork created by collaborators David Spence and Finn Constantine.


Speaking about his 10-year absence in an interview with NME last year, the singer revealed that he had taken a longer break from music than originally intended – owning to exhaustion.

After the tour of his second album ‘Everything Is New’ (2009) was complete, Peñate planned to take some time off to recover from a whirlwind rise in his early twenties. “I was exhausted and really in need of creating a stable, quiet life like that I had growing up,” he said.

“I meet people that age now and think, ‘Blimey, that is still quite young to be in this transitory lifestyle.’”

Peñate had intended to be away for around four years, which is how long he thought it would take him to learn how to make a record entirely on his own.


“It’s taken much longer than I expected,” he said. “In articles, they’re like, ‘They last released a record three years ago’ and you’re like, ‘Oh, that sounds cool.’ But 10? Get on with it, man. I hold my hands up – that was too much.”