Listen to Kehlani’s woozy new single ‘Little Story’

Their new album is due out later in the year

Kehlani has shared an emotive new single titled ‘Little Story’, coming as the second track shared from their forthcoming third album, ‘Blue Water Road’.

Gentle atmospherics and warm, strummed electric guitars build the soundscape, with Kehlani employing a more restrained and laidback – though still typically enrapturing – vocal style. Opening the track, they sing: “Wouldn’t say I’m a liar, but I’m not always honest / I ain’t come through, but that’s why I ain’t promise / You got a face that I couldn’t lie to / Light blue lights in a white room / And you’re fine too.”

‘Little Story’ was released alongside a black-and-white video, directed by Alexandra Thurmond in tandem with Kehlani theirself, that evokes the arthouse films of decades past. Among its myriad of visuals is a poignant shot of Kehlani flanked by three masked violinists, performing inside a dilapidated house taken over by weeds. 


Have a look at the video below:

‘Little Story’ follows the September ’21 release of ‘Altar’, which Kehlani dropped a day after the formal announcement of ‘Blue Water Road’. Following up on 2020’s ‘It Was Good Until It Wasn’t’, the new album is set for release this year, though a concrete date is yet to be confirmed.

October saw Kehlani and Russ tease a joint album, following their collaborative single ‘Take You Back’ in 2020. Taking to Instagram at a party, Kehlani and Russ both hinted at the project, with the former saying at the end of their video: “You want a Russ and Kehlani album? Tweet us.” 

In December, Kehlani confirmed that they prefer the use of the gender-neutral pronouns they/them. The news came months after Kehlani opened up about both their sexuality and “straight-presenting” privilege, having previously come out as a lesbian.

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