Listen to Kele Okereke’s soothing new solo song ‘The Heart Of The Wave’

The Bloc Party frontman has returned with new instrumental music

Kele Okereke has shared his new solo single ‘The Heart Of The Wave’ – you can listen to the instrumental piece below.

The track has been released today (March 11) via the Bloc Party frontman’s own label, KOLA Records / !K7.

Speaking about the process behind writing the song, Kele said in a statement that ‘The Heart Of The Wave’ “started quite absent-mindedly”.


“During lockdown I was spending a lot of time playing electric guitar in my room and I found on some of the bleakest days making the swirling guitar loops calmed me down,” he explained. “It was almost like a kind of therapy for me.”

‘The Heart Of The Wave’’s accompanying video has also been released. Directed by Jack Chute (who has previously worked with Sir Antony Gormley OBE and the artist Matthew Penn), the clip was filmed on the expansive coastline of Margate.

The track is Kele’s first solo music release since the arrival last July of his track ‘Melanin’ which, the musician explained at the time, “questions the idea of race and education in Britain”.

Kele’s last album, ‘2042’, was released in November 2019. A press release accompanying ‘The Heart Of The Wave’ today also confirmed that Bloc Party are currently working on their as-yet untitled sixth studio album.


Kele previously spoke about the upcoming Bloc Party album in a message to his fans in January 2020, during which he also postponed his planned solo tour.

“Over the past few weeks Bloc Party have been really hard at work writing our new album,” the musician wrote on Twitter at the time. “We’d like to finish what we’ve been working on as we’re all very excited about it.”

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