Listen to Kelly Lee Owens and The Velvet Underground’s John Cale collaborate on new single ‘Corner Of My Sky’

"The Welsh language felt very important to me"

Kelly Lee Owens has teamed with The Velvet Underground‘s John Cale for her new single ‘Corner Of My Sky’.

The track, which you can listen to below, sees Cale sing in both English and Welsh over Owens’ droning, psychedelic lullaby. It follows on from her recent songs ‘On’, ‘Night’ and ‘Melt!’.

All four tracks will appear on new album ‘Inner Song’, which is out on August 28.


Speaking about the single, Owens said: “I knew with this album I needed to connect with my roots and therefore having the Welsh language featured on the record felt very important to me.

“Once the music for the track was written and the sounds were formed, I sent the track straight to John and asked if he could perhaps delve into his Welsh heritage and tell the story of the land via spoken-word, poetry and song. What he sent back was nothing short of phenomenal.

“The arrangement was done during the mixing process and once I’d finished the track, I cried – firstly feeling incredibly lucky to have collaborated with John and his eternal talent and secondly for both of us to have been able to connect to our homeland in this way.”

Cale added: “On the first listen, the lyrics came with ease and a chorus and melody grew out of it. Even the Welsh phrases seemed to develop from a place of reflective memory which was a surprise since I hadn’t written in Welsh for decades.”

‘Inner Song’, the follow-up to the Welsh producer’s 2017 debut album, was originally set to come out in May, but just prior to its release, Owens announced that it would be delayed due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.


“We had lots of plans to bring you this album that are now not feasible due to COVID-19 and also out of solidarity for the thousands of record stores closing their doors to protect the public,” she wrote at the time.

“I know so much is uncertain right now for all of us so let’s try to use this as an opportunity to come together in supporting each other in big & small ways. More music & news to come soon. Stay safe and well.”