Listen to King Krule’s unreleased tour flexi disc songs

Fans shared have been sharing the songs online

King Krule songs that were only available via flexi discs sold on tour can now be found online.

Archy Marshall, also known as King Krule, is on The Sssh Tour – a series of intimate gigs across the EU and UK. The singer created new merch in the form of exclusive flexi discs that could only be purchased at shows. These discs featured new unreleased tracks that have since been making their rounds on the internet.

The discs include songs such as ‘It’s All Soup Now’, ‘Flimsier’, ‘Achtung’, and ‘Time For Slurp’ – which are now readily available to listen to after fans uploaded the tracks to YouTube.


Fans have taken to Reddit to discuss the releases. One fan commented how “people think that some of these songs could just be demos and that Archy is putting some like ‘Flimsier’ and ‘…Soup’ onto the [next] record. But officially, Archy put on his Insta story that these are never to be released.”

These songs are the first signs of new music since the singer-songwriters’s fourth album, ‘Man Alive!’. In a four-star view of the album, NME said: “King Krule fans will find their hero to be far more accessible on ‘Man Alive!’. The Krulean gloom is beginning to lift and, with this newfound paternal responsibility and a more optimistic worldview in place, Marshall’s creativity is shining for all the world to see.”

Earlier this year, King Krule released the audio from his 2019 short film Hey World! to streaming platforms for the first time.


The lo-fi film, directed by his partner Charlotte Patmore, captured Archy Marshall in the Cheshire countryside. He performed four songs from 2020 album ‘Man Alive!’ – ‘Perfecto Miserable’, ‘Alone, Omen 3’, ‘(Don’t Let The Dragon) Draag On’ and ‘Energy Fleets’ – which were, at the time, unreleased.

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