Listen to Matt Maltese’s new break-up single ‘Curl Up & Die’

“It's about the disgusting, absurd force of love"

Matt Maltese has shared his new break up single – his first material in 2019 – ‘Curl Up & Die’.

The track is the first from the South London singer’s his forthcoming second album. It follows Maltese’s 2018 debut album ‘Bad Contestant’.

Speaking about the new track, which you can listen to below, Maltese said, “It’s about the disgusting, absurd force of love. When the feeling is so all-consuming that you’d happily crouch over and be nothing but a chair for them to sit on.”



Maltese’s debut album was awarded four stars by NME and the LP was described as “at times joyful and at others surprisingly moving, ‘Bad Contestant’ sets Maltese on the start of a path that marks him out as a true prodigious talent. This is the voice of a true original. The future, it seems, is schmaltz.”

In the past, Maltese has worked with former Maccabees guitarist Hugo White. Maltese previously said: “The first song we did together was the single ‘Vacant In The 21st Century’ and it felt like quite a nice departure from everything else I’d done.

“Getting the big rock treatment with drums and guitars was definitely alien to me at the time. Although if I’m not able to try out different extremes now, then when can I? In the past I’ve left most of my recordings pretty sparse, but I think it was more just laziness than anything else.”


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