Listen to Mike Shinoda’s mix of Renforshort’s ‘I Drive Me Mad’

The original version featured on the 18-year-old's debut EP 'Teenage Angst'

Renforshort has shared the Mike Shinoda mix of her power-pop anthem ‘I Drive Me Mad’ – listen to it below.

The 18-year-old singer-songwriter released the original version of the track back in March. It featured on her debut EP ‘Teenage Angst’. Now, a new version mixed by the Linkin Park musician has been made available.

The new collaboration came about after Shinoda heard the track on a playlist, and it immediately stuck out to him.


“The dynamics of the song – the production, her voice, and the way the song speeds up into the chorus – all those things felt exciting to me,” he explained. “I also connected with the lyrics, the idea that you make yourself a little crazy. I’m pretty sure she’s the first person I’ve heard use the term ‘pre-traumatic stress!'”

On creating the mix, Renforshort added: “The process was really cool. Mike sent me a couple versions and we just sent notes back and forth until it was perfect! It was really cool to hear my song be given a different life completely, it’s a very strange cool thing!”

Listen to the Mike Shinoda mix of ‘I Drive Me Mad’ below:

Meanwhile, Linkin Park have revealed that they still have unreleased material featuring former frontman Chester Bennington.

The band went on a hiatus after Bennington took his own life back in 2017. In the intervening period, co-vocalist Mike Shinoda has released his debut solo album while Bennington’s former group Grey Daze released a new album today (June 26).


Now, Shinoda has revealed that the band have an unreleased song featuring Bennington in the stash. Sharing the news during a Twitch stream, Shinoda opened up about a song called ‘Friendly Fire’ that was supposed to appear on Linkin Park’s 2017 album ‘One More Light’.

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