Listen to Miles Kane and Monster Florence’s epic new track ‘Picture Frame’

"It was an accident waiting to happen"

Miles Kane has teamed up with Colchester collective Monster Florence on their epic new track ‘Picture Frame’ – hear it first on NME below.

The upbeat track sees Kane swapping lyrics with the six-piece – Dream Mclean, Wallace Rice, Alex Osiris, Tom Donovan, Cameron Morrell and Jonny Poole – over a piano beat.

Speaking about how the collaboration came about, Alex said: “‘Picture Frame’ was an accident waiting to happen. I came in with the idea for the song and chorus and did a demo with myself and Tom. The same day, we had Miles in for a writing session and asked him if he wanted to have a go at the chorus? He smashed it of course and that was that… we got the verses finished and tracked and the song was done.”


Kane added: “Basically when I heard the demo, to me it was the best song I had heard from the lads; killer mix of rap and Beatles vibe, it’s fresh and grabs you.”

Monster Florence have released two EPs, their debut album ‘Foul’ and six singles through their label imprint ‘Gold Bar Records’.

At the beginning of 2020 the band signed a new deal with Project Melody and plan to release new music throughout 2020.

Meanwhile, Kane recently teamed up with Muse‘s Matt Bellamy and Blur‘s Graham Coxon for their supergroup The Jaded Hearts Club Band’s first single ‘Nobody But Me’.

With Kane on lead vocals, the track saw the group delivering their own take on The Isley Brothers’ 1962 song of the same name.


It comes after the all-star supergroup began performing as Dr Pepper’s Jaded Hearts Club at shows over the globe in 2017 – including a support spot with Roger Daltrey at the Royal Albert Hall.

As well as Bellamy, Kane and Coxon, the group also features the talents of British guitarist Jamie Davis and Zutons drummer Sean Payne.

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