Listen to mxmtoon’s coming-of-age anthem ‘Victim Of Nostalgia’

"Looking into the future can be daunting"

mxmtoon has released the third single from upcoming second album ‘Rising’ – check out ‘Victim Of Nostalgia’ below.

The coming-of-age track follows on from ‘Sad Disco’ and ‘Mona Lisa’ and sees mxmtoon sing about feeling “wildly unprepared to take on the future”.

“A lot of us have fallen victim to that feeling that time moves too quickly. I feel like I blinked one afternoon and suddenly found myself fully cemented in adulthood, desperately wishing I could go back in time,” she added. Check out ‘Victim Of Nostalgia’ below:


“‘Victim Of Nostalgia’” is about missing the blind optimism and warmth that’s so much easier to experience when you’re younger,” mxmtoon continued. “Wanting to escape back into a time when your worries weren’t so pervasive. Looking into the future can be daunting, and I know I’ve personally really struggled with how fast years can feel in the grand scheme of things.

“I hope one day it’ll feel easier to accept the passage of time, but for now I definitely find myself as a victim of nostalgia.”

The track is taken from ‘Rising’, which is out May 20th.

Speaking about the record to NME, mxmtoon explained it was inspired by the music she grew up listening to because of COVID. “I think naturally, just by a reactionary process of something so traumatic happening, I needed to find things that were comforting. I ended up looking back on the songs that I sang when I was six-years-old, and trying to look at the moment I realised I loved music – like watching Mamma Mia for the first time.”


Next month, mxmtoon heads out on a tour of North America alongside Chloe Moriondo.

Then in October, mxmtoon will be playing her first ever headline shows in the UK and the Republic Of Ireland. Tickets are available here and the dates are as follows:

28 – Electric Brixton, London 
29 – Club Academy, Manchester
30 – Academy, Dublin

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