Listen to previously unreleased Frankie Knuckles mix

It was recorded in Chicago in February 1986

A previously unreleased mix from late DJ Frankie Knuckles has been released on Soundcloud. Listen to ‘Frankie Knuckles Recorded Live @ COD Valentine’s Day 1986’ below.

The mix is over an hour long and was originally recorded in Chicago in February 1986. On Soundcloud, the image shows the original cover of the mix, which reveals it was titled ‘Valentine Session’ and recorded at COD 1201 W. Devon Ave for PG Ltd.

The mix has been shared from the archive of Chicago-based record producer and DJ Braxton Holmes. Tracks across the set range from disco to early Chicago house gems.

Earlier this year, Knuckles’ 67th birthday was marked with the release of a track from Director’s Cut, the project he formed with his long-term studio collaborator Eric Kupper.

Knuckles died aged 59 in 2014 and at the time of his death, the pair were working on a concept album for American singer Inaya Day. The newly released track ‘Right Now’ was from the unfinished LP, and features Inaya Day and Robin S.

Last year, the previously unreleased track ‘I Want The Love Of My Own’ was revealed to mark Frankie Knuckles Day, an annual celebration of the ‘Godfather Of House’.

The track was discovered on a reel-to-reel tape player at the Chicago headquarters of label DJ International. It’s believed to date back to some of Knuckles’ early studios sessions from the 1980s.

Earlier in 2021, some of Knuckles’ unreleased remixes were pressed to vinyl and thousands of records from his personal collection were displayed at a New York art gallery.

A posthumous single called ‘Carefree (I Am A Star)’ was released in 2020, featuring the late house legend on both production and vocals.