Listen to previously unreleased Gang Starr track ‘Glowing Mic’

It's taken from a new instrumental version of the duo's recent album 'One Of The Best Yet'

DJ Premier has shared a previously unreleased Gang Starr track called ‘Glowing Mic’ – you can listen to it below.

Taken from a new instrumental version of the group’s most recent album, ‘One Of The Best Yet’, the new track features a posthumous verse from the group’s late frontman Guru.

“There are two versions of a song called ‘Mr. Gang Starr,’ one version was released right after Guru passed away,” Premier told Rolling Stone. “The version I had stored away has totally different and unreleased lyrics.”


“As I was constructing the track, I found a scratch from Torae ‘I Destroy The Mic For My Glow’ and it was an instant decision on what to name the track (‘Glowing Mic’).”

Listen to ‘Glowing Mic’ below:

Speaking on his decision to release ‘One Of The Best Yet’ in instrumental form, Premier said in a press release: “The DJ market, especially for instrumentals has never waned. I have always stayed in tune with my consumers because I am one of them. I like to release what I would buy and it seems like I am not alone.

“I feel totally satisfied knowing I made so many people happy; including Guru’s family, his fans and peers who love him and Gang Starr.”

Earlier this year, Public Enemy returned with an explosive new protest song, ‘State of the Union (STFU), produced by DJ Premier.


The emotive track sees P.E. take “a fiery return to the frontlines as they take on Donald Trump and his fascist regime,” according to a new press release.

It continues: “An unflinching statement about the destruction the current administration has unleashed on the country and its people, ‘State of the Union (STFU)’ speaks truth to power while urging people to fight against racism, injustice and oppression with their vote.”

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