Listen to Pyra’s fiery new single with Ramengvrl and Yayoi Daimon, ‘Yellow Fever’

"I'm not your fetish / Not your trophy / Not your muse"

Thai pop artist Pyra has released a fiery new single ‘Yellow Fever’ with Indonesian rapper Ramengvrl and Japanese rapper Yayoi Daimon.

Over nu metal-inflected production, the trio blast the racialised fetishisation of Asian women and offensive Asian stereotypes. “I’m not your fetish / Not your trophy / Not your muse / Muay thai on you bad guys, baby I don’t do kungfu,” Pyra raps.

“Yellow fever is a nasty fetish towards Asian women. And yes, we have had enough,” said NME 100 artist Pyra in a press release. “This song ‘Yellow Fever’ is one catalyst I’m throwing out there for change. Change will never come if you sit back and wait for it. Change starts from you.”


Listen to ‘Yellow Fever’ below.

Pyra’s last solo single was ‘Bangkok’, released October 2020, which she dedicated to Thai political activists who died or went missing while fighting “for the cause of freedom and democracy in the kingdom of Thailand”.

Last year, Ramengvrl released her debut studio album ‘Can’t Speak English’ via EMPIRE. It featured a collaboration with Pyra in the track ‘Foreign’.  She also recently linked up with Dutch EDM duo Yellow Claw for the track ‘Bassgod’ alongside producers Juyen Sebulba and SIHK.

Japanese rapper Yayoi Daimon also had a busy 2020, releasing three EPs and a string of singles – all of which advocate strongly for female empowerment.

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