Listen to Róisín Murphy’s “no frills” eight-minute disco track ‘Murphy’s Law’

The track sees her team up once again with DJ Parrot

Róisín Murphy has shared a brand new track in ‘Murphy’s Law’ – scroll down the page to listen to it now.

The song was produced by the musician’s longtime collaborator DJ Parrot and spans eight minutes with disco handclaps and Murphy singing: “In Murphy’s Law, I’m gonna meet you tonight.”

In a press release, Murphy said: “[This] is our crack at a straight up, straightforward, no-frills, disco standard. Oh and it’s the story of my life. It’s about the nature of the past, it’s often a difficult thing to outrun but it can also be quite comforting… When is it valuable heritage, and when is it something that’s holding you back? Time and time again I return to Sheffield and my friends there. I go when I need to reconnect to a scene and to music that’s about something! And to feel the belonging.”


She also reminisced on her relationship with DJ Parrot, saying her association with him “goes way back to the beginning of my life in music”.

“I moved from Manchester to Sheffield when I was 19 and right from the off I became part of a close-knit music-scene of which Parrot was an integral part,” she explained. “I worked with him first on a project called Spook, a deep house cover-version of Grace Jones‘s ‘Feel Up’ and later with Pulp, on a version of ‘E’s and Wizz’. And then again with All Seeing Eye and Tony Christy. Parrot also contributed a good deal to my album ‘Overpowered’.”

Murphy last released an album with 2016’s ‘Take Her Up To Monto’, but has put out a number of singles since then, including 2019’s ‘Incapable’ and ‘Narcissus’.

The former Moloko singer will perform in London at the BBC 6 Music Festival on Saturday (March 7).