Listen to The Beach Boys’ unreleased a capella version of ‘Surf’s Up’

It's one of two unreleased tracks shared today from a mammoth upcoming box set

The Beach Boys have shared two unreleased songs including an unreleased a capella version of ‘Surf’s Up’.

The two tracks are taken from the band’s huge upcoming box set, ‘Feel Flows – The Sunflower & Surf’s Up Sessions 1969-1971’.

After sharing a new recording of ‘Surf’s Up’ track ‘Big Sur’ back in June, the band have now shared an a capella version of its title track as well as a reimagined mix of ‘Sunflower’ track ‘This Whole World’.


Listen to the two new songs below:

The band’s new five-disc and digital release will include newly remastered versions of both albums together with 108 unreleased tracks and live recordings. It will also include alternate versions and mixes, a cappella recordings, radio promotions from the album sessions as well as isolated backing vocal tracks.

The release will also come with a new 48-page book featuring archival interviews with the group and a new set of linear notes. The boxset will be available as a limited edition translucent gold and translucent blue vinyl or as a two-vinyl/two-CD option.

Back in January The Beach Boys sold the rights to their intellectual property, becoming the latest artists to hand over their copyright to another party.

In recent months, the likes of Bob DylanNeil Young, Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham have all sold off the rights to their back catalogues.


The Beach Boys sold the rights to their entire brand to music industry veteran Irving Azoff’s Iconic Artists Group. The amount Azoff has paid in the deal has not been made public at present but, in return, he now owns the group’s master recordings, the rights to the Beach Boys’ name, their likenesses, a share of their publishing rights and all memorabilia.