Listen to The Flaming Lips’ new single ‘Giant Baby’ featuring Mick Jones

The Clash guitarist provides narration.

The Flaming Lips have released new song ‘Giant Baby’, featuring Mick Jones – listen to it below.

The Flaming Lips released their 15th album, ‘King’s Mouth: Music And Songs’, as a Record Store Day exclusive limited to 4000 gold vinyl copies back in April. Before being made available to the rest of the world on July 19th, the band have gifted fans with new single ‘Giant Baby’.

Featuring Mick Jones, The Clash guitarist narrates a story about a giant baby over the track’s spacious and simplistic backdrop. Thanks to the odd intro and acoustic guitar and electronic drum kick accompaniment, in the right setting the track could be described as refreshingly psychedelic.


Listen to ‘Giant Baby’ below:

Meanwhile, The Flaming Lips will mark the 20th anniversary of ‘The Soft Bulletin’ by performing the classic album in full during a special UK tour.

Released in 1999, the critically acclaimed ninth record from the band features the singles ‘Race for the Prize’ and ‘Waitin’ for a Superman’. Following its arrival, the LP was named NME‘s album of the year.

Last year, The Flaming Lips launched a new podcast that offers fans the chance to listen to a “song by song” history of the band.


The podcast is presented by multi-instrumentalist Steven Drozd and the first episode sees the musician talk about ‘Enthusiasm for Life Defeats Existential Fear Part 2,’ a track which was originally released in 2011.