Listen to the Icelandic Prime Minister’s surprisingly good playlist

How much music do you have in common with the PM?

The Prime Minister of Iceland Katrin Jakobsdottir has created a special playlist, that included hits from Kate Bush, Peter Gabriel, Robyn, Kendrick Lamar, Young Fathers and Sigrid.

Jakobsdottir is leader of the Left Green Alliance and was elected Prime Minister in 2017.

The playlist celebrates the 20th anniversary of annual music festival Iceland Airwaves, that takes place in Reykjavik from November 7-10. It also includes tracks from newer Icelandic acts: Auður Young Karin, GDRN and Milkywhale.


Listen to playlist in full below.

This slick collection of tracks may well have been chosen by an aide to the PM but is a far cry from the recent music-related antics of UK Prime Minister Theresa May.

At the Conservative party conference, she danced onto the stage to Abba’s ‘Dancing Queen’, you can relive the cringe-worthy moment below.

However, this well-crafted PR stunt led to some excellent reactions online.


This wasn’t the first time cameras have caught May mid-shindig, in August she was filmed woodenly dancing while visiting a group of children in South Africa.

NME was compelled to consult a choreographer on the “Maybot” dance, who described the PM as “a dancer who isn’t afraid of breaking social boundaries”.

A few days ago, a drill MC has used violent quotes from MPs to create a new track, called ‘Political Drilling’. The track was commissioned by Channel 4 to highlight the hypocrisy shown against the genre’s artists.

In a caption posted alongside a video report, the channel wrote: “MPs have accused drill artists of ‘glorifying violence’. But are Parliamentarians in any position lecture them – after a week of distasteful, anonymous briefings about metaphorically knifing Theresa May?”