Listen to The Voidz’ new metallic pop track ‘Prophecy Of The Dragon’

The band are also set to play a handful of shows this summer

The Voidz have shared new single ‘Prophecy Of The Dragon’. Listen to the track below.

‘Prophecy Of The Dragon’ is the band’s first new single since 2021’s ‘The Eternal Tao 2.0′.  Co-produced by Ivan Wayman, Justin Raisen, and Sadpony (aka Jeremiah Raisen), the track features heavy chugging guitars, electronic synths and frontman Julian Casablancas’ signature auto-tuned voice.

“The track started with a very simple question,” shared the band in a press release. “What would it feel like if God whispered into your ear ‘You are my most magnificent creature’. What would that feeling sound like? What would its bass line be? With that, Beardo blew The Voidz conch shell, and we assembled from the various corners of the earth to which we had been summoned for previous quests,” they added.


They continued: “From the deserts of the Sahara, to the truck stops of the midwest, we reunited in California to answer this question. The response? From the fiery bones of eternity, the dragon’s voice, awakened after millennia in waiting, spewed forth a sonic fist of impertinence in the shape of a New Pirate anthem, where nothing is what it seems, nor is it otherwise, ‘Prophecy Of The Dragon’.”

The Voidz are also set to hit the road this summer with a string of dates including a sould out run in San Fransisco. Check out the full dates below.

The Voidz 2023 summer tour dates are:

3 – Barcelona, ES, Primavera
7 – Bologna, IT, Arena Puccini
9 – Hilvarenbeek, NL, Best Kept Secret
10 – Madrid, ES, Primavera
11 – Hilvarenbeek, NL, Best Kept Secret
14 – San Francisco, CA, Great American Music Hall
15 – San Francisco, CA, Great American Music Hall
16 – San Francisco, CA, Great American Music Hall
17 – San Francisco, CA, Great American Music Hall

Their last LP release was 2018’s ‘Virtue’. In a four-star review of the band’s second album, NME shared: “The Voidz and Julian might not be the most predictable band to pin down, but there are at least some things that we’ve come to expect from them: whatever they do will be interesting, unusual and thought-provoking. On ‘Virtue’, they’ve hit the jackpot with a bonus ball – fun.”


Earlier this month, Daft Punk shared a previously unreleased song featuring The Voidz titled ‘Infinity Repeating’. The track was released as part of the new anniversary edition of the band’s fourth and final album, ‘Random Access Memories’, which first came out a decade ago.

It marked the second time that Casablancas teamed up with Daft Punk on the album — having also featured on the fan-favourite ‘Instant Crush’.

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