Listen to Vince Staples feature on new Emotional Oranges song

'Back & Forth' features on the band's new project 'The Juicebox'

Vince Staples appears on a new song from Emotional Oranges – listen to ‘Back & Forth’ below.

The track appears on the R&B group’s new project ‘The Juicebox’, which dropped on Friday (June 11) and also features Channel Tres, Biig Piig and more.

The LA pop duo – comprised of members A and V – released their debut EP ‘The Juice: Vol. 1’ in May 2019, following it up with ‘Vol. 2’ six months later.


“‘The Juicebox’ is an homage to our influences,” the pair said of the new record in a statement. “We really tried to capture the emotions of our childhood.”

Listen to ‘Back & Forth’ below.

“We’re going to be the biggest band in the world,” Emotional Oranges told NME in a 2019 interview. “I think the one thing is that we all aren’t afraid, to be honest with one another,” they added of their relationship. “If you don’t feel comfortable with the people around you being able to tell you how they really feel about something, it doesn’t matter.

“Being able to do this project and not have to worry about the restraints of money or who’s going to get the fame or who’s going to be the person talking in interviews – all that shit, that’s what clouds great artistry.”


Vince Staples, meanwhile, is said to be releasing two new albums and a Netflix show, with the first album – a self-titled effort – reportedly coming this summer.

The rapper’s last full-length record came in 2018 with ‘FM!’.

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