Listen to two brand new songs by Blossoms, including new single ‘Your Girlfriend’

The Stockport band released a new music video too.

Blossoms have released new single ‘Your Girlfriend’, as well as B-side ‘Torn Up’.

Announced earlier in the week, ‘Your Girlfriend’ is the second piece of new music to be released by the band in 2019, having dropped the track ‘I’ve Seen The Future’ back in April for Record Store Day.

Produced by James Skelly, Rich Turvey and the band themselves, ‘Your Girlfriend’ is accompanied by a new music video that sees the Stockport lads visit various locations while dressed in Halloween costumes, as well as play the new song in an empty pub – watch the new video below.


You can also listen to the song with b-side ‘Torn Up’ below.

Meanwhile, Blossoms frontman Tom Ogden has revealed the Stockport band have “two album’s worth” of songs demoed and are hoping to release an album this year.

Speaking at the Global Awards, the frontman also revealed that the band would love Mark Ronson to produce their next output.


In October, Ogden told NME that “there are more guitars” on the new material.

“I’ll always write about myself as all songwriters do, but I’ve been trying to force myself into corners that I wouldn’t normally go into through storytelling.”