Little Boots unveils two new songs – listen

'Pretty Tough' and 'Heroine' will feature on Victoria Hesketh's new EP 'Business Pleasure'

Little Boots has unveiled two new songs: ‘Pretty Tough’ and ‘Heroine’.

The tracks feature on the artist’s new EP, ‘Business Pleasure’, which comes out on December 1. The singer – real name Victoria Hesketh – will follow up her 2009 debut ‘Hands’ and last year’s ‘Nocturnes’ with a third album next year. Listen to the new tracks below. Little Boots previously revealed the EP’s opening song ‘Taste It’ at the start of November.

The EP is made up of four tracks and features production from Com Truise, Simian Mobile Disco’s Jas Shaw and Chris Carmouche (OutKast/Janelle Monae). Speaking about the EP Hesketh commented: “For the first time I’m in a place where I’m truly in control of my career both creatively and logistically, which is incredibly liberating and exciting. I wrote a piece for The Times last year about my experiences of pop life and then setting up my own label, and the response was overwhelming. It’s such an inspiring time for empowered young women.”

The ‘Business Pleasure’ tracklisting is:

‘Taste It’
‘Business Pleasure’
‘Pretty Tough’