With a little help from my friends: watch Paul McCartney bring out Ringo Starr for the final night of his US tour

The two former Beatles embraced for the last leg of Sir Paul McCartney's US tour.

Sir Paul McCartney brought out fellow Beatle Ringo Starr for his show in Los Angeles last night. You can watch some footage of the moment below.

In a crowd-pleasing move, the performance saw Ringo playing drums as the duo performed extended versions of ‘White Album’ classic ‘Helter Skelter’ and the more psychedelic ‘Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band’.

The gig, which took place at Dodger stadium in LA, was the last leg of Macca’s North American tour. You can see footage and images of the moment below:



The reunited pair could be seen hugging and mouthing the words “I love you man” to one another, with Ringo throwing his drum sticks into the crowd after performing the two classic Beatles tracks. As Ringo left the stage, the crowd at the LA Dodgers stadium chanted his “peace and love” phrase in unison.

Joe Walsh also made appearance during the show, with McCartney and his band using The Eagles star as part of a nostalgic climatic rendition of ‘Abbey Road’ closer ‘The End’.
After the track ended, 77-year-old McCartney told the US crowd he had no plans of retiring from touring, as he pledged: “Farewell to you guys. Farewell to America. Only one thing left to be said: we’ll see you next time.”

Recently, McCartney opened up about losing his wife Linda in 1998, saying that “he cried for a year” following her death from breast cancer.

Speaking ahead of a retrospective exhibition of the photographer’s work in Glasgow, McCartney told the BBC: “Both my mum and Linda died of breast cancer. We had no idea what my mum had died of because no-one talked about it. She just died.”

He continued: “The worse thing about that was everyone was very stoic, everyone kept a stiff upper lip and then one evening you’d hear my dad crying in the next room. It was tragic because we’d never heard him cry. It was a quiet private kind of grief.”

Of his reaction to Linda’s death, the Beatles star said he “cried for about a year, on and off.” “You expect to see them walk in, this person you love, because you are so used to them,” he said. “I cried a lot. It was almost embarrassing except it seemed the only thing to do.”

Paul McCartney’s Setlist was:

‘A Hard Day’s Night’
‘Junior’s Farm’
‘Can’t Buy Me Love’
‘Letting Go’
‘Who Cares’
‘Got to Get You Into My Life’
‘Come On to Me’
‘Let Me Roll It’ (followed by “Foxy Lady” jam)
‘I’ve Got a Feeling’
‘Let ‘Em In’
‘My Valentine’
‘Nineteen Hundred and Eighty-Five’
‘Maybe I’m Amazed’
‘I’ve Just Seen a Face’
‘In Spite of All the Danger’
‘From Me to You’
‘Dance Tonight’
‘Love Me Do’
‘Here Today’
‘Queenie Eye’
‘Lady Madonna’
‘Eleanor Rigby’
‘Fuh You’
‘Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite!’
‘Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da’
‘Band on the Run’
‘Back in the U.S.S.R.’
‘Let It Be’
‘Live and Let Die’
‘Hey Jude’

‘Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (Reprise)’ with Ringo Starr
‘Helter Skelter’ with Ringo Starr
‘Golden Slumbers’
‘Carry That Weight’
‘The End’ with Joe Walsh

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