Little Man Tate fill in for Stereophonics

Band have a 'Stars In Their Eyes' moment in Norwich

Little Man Tate were forced to fill in for Stereophonics at the weekend (July 21) during a gig in Norwich.

Just ahead of the doors opening at the UEA venue, Stereophonics frontman Kelly Jones cancelled his band’s appearance due to a throat infection. However, fans were encouraged to still attend the gig and watch their support band play a full set.

Little Man Tate guitarist Edward ‘Maz’ Marriott said: “We were just hanging around backstage about half-an-hour before we were due on and we got a knock on the dressing room door. It was the Stereophonics tour manager telling us they were pulling out of the gig due to illness and that we could play an extended set and headline the gig.”

He added: “The thought of playing to 1,500 slightly miffed Stereophonics fans was a worry at first, but we pulled a blinder out of the bag and basically thrashed through 12 songs in an hour.

“Luckily for us the place was still full at the end of the set. We’ve never been to Norwich before but the crowd ended up being fantastic towards us. We’ll be going back again I’m sure.”

The band played:

‘Man, I Hate Your Band’

‘The Agent’

‘European Lover’

‘Who Invented These Lists’

‘Time For Anything’

‘What Your Boyfriend Said’

‘What, What You Got’

‘Hello Miss Lovely’

‘Boy In The Anorak’

‘Little Big Man’

‘Sexy In Latin’

‘House Party At Boothy’s’

You can get a free Little Man Tate download on NME.COM [url=]now, meanwhile the band release new single ‘European Lover’ on August 27.