Little Mix asked Twitter for new songwriting concepts and it wasn’t a great idea

Some interesting new directions for the girl group were suggested

Little Mix asked Twitter yesterday (May 12) to provide the band with some song ideas and the people of Twitter hardly took the request seriously, as you can imagine.

Responding to people on the Little Mix Twitter, Jade Thirlwall requested inspiration from the 11 million strong follower-base the group has. “Song writing today. What concepts would you like to hear us sing about?”, the initial tweet reads. We’ve heard of crowdfunding music but crowdsourcing song ideas is a new one.

While many fans took the request earnestly, suggesting bits of their favourite Little Mix tracks to recreate, others were just being facetious and witty for the sake of good patter which, in fairness, the group took in their stride pretty well. See some of those below.

However, there is a clear winner here and Jade from the group agrees.

Meanwhile, Little Mix have responded to the sexist criticism they often face, with singer Jade Thirlwall delivering an empowering speech at the Global Awards in March.

Accepting their award for Best Artist, Thirlwall said: “It’s obviously quite hard for women in the music industry. It’s also hard for girl groups. It think the fact that we’ve managed to last nearly seven years now and still be going strong is amazing, and we have a lot of people to thank for that.”

She continued: “As a girl band, and as women, we do face a lot of scrutiny all the time, whether it’s for the way we look, how much thigh we get out, how we dance, what we sing about. And we just want to say that, although one day we hope that does stop, right now we’re really not arsed what people think.”