Little Simz and DRAM with Gorillaz at the BRIT Awards 2018

Little Simz and DRAM on the joy of working with Gorillaz – and what they’re up to next

Before they took to the BRIT Awards stage with Damon Albarn for Gorillazpowerful political speech, we caught up with Little Simz and DRAM to discuss working with the animated band and what they’re both up to next. Watch our video interview above.

The pair were in tow to join Gorillaz and represent the wide range of collaborators on their acclaimed 2017 album ‘Humanz‘. Asked they’d return to work with the band again, DRAM said “for sure” – adding that he can’t get enough of the “family vibe”.

“It’s not premeditated or forced at all,” Little Simz told NME. “It’s just a vibe. It’s all off good vibes and good energy.”

While DRAM is working on his second album to take his sound to ‘higher heights’, Simz confirmed that she has just finished work on album number three.

“I’ve been kind of locked away for the past few months,” Simz told NME. “I’m kind of getting that done, and I’m excited for it. I’m just testing the waters and I’m just having fun with it. There’s no rules, there’s no boundaries, and I’m just exploring all there is to explore.

“I’m just growing as a person, so it’s all fun.”

Gorillaz live, 2017

Gorillaz live, 2017

While she told NME that she’d be taking a break from touring with Gorillaz to focus on her debut solo album, Savages’ Jehnny Beth also hailed the ‘family’ atmosphere of life on the road with the band.

“I did a few dates with Gorillaz in Europe and America and a little bit of South America,” Beth told NME. “I didn’t go for long periods of time, but I went to see how it went in different areas of the world. I loved it – especially seeing what hard workers they are, especially Damon. Seeing how hard he works day and night.

“He would record new material in the day, then play a show in the night, then in the morning we’d be at yoga together. It was really inspiring. They’re a family, essentially. Most of them have been working together for 20 years or more. I was welcomed as part of the family.”