The auction site attempts to stop punters making huge profits from the charity event...

EBAY have said they will stop people attempting to sell tickets for LIVE 8 on the internet auction site.

Yesterday organiser Bob Geldof branded concert-goers who are selling their tickets for profit on auction sites like eBay a “fucking disgrace”.

Earlier this week (June 14), numerous tickets were being offered on the site, with bids in the region of a thousand pounds for a pair. However, it appears that music fans are hitting back, making offers of ten million pounds in an attempt to thwart the sales.

When he found out, Geldof branded people selling their tickets as “wretches”, saying it was “completely against the interests of the poor”.

eBay offered to make a donation to Live 8, but then went one step further, saying they’d remove listings after listening to customer’s concerns.

The site’s UK managing director Doug McCallum said: “Our customers said they were concerned about the profiteering rap being connected with the name of the site they’re so passionate about. It is extremely difficult for us to do, even if we wanted to, but in emergency circumstances, which is how our community is viewing this, we will do our darndest to.”

Tickets for Live 8, which is being held in Hyde Park on July 2, were offered via text message lottery.