Live 8 to be released on four-disc DVD

The package will feature a host of extras too…

LIVE 8 is set to be released on a four-disc DVD on November 7.

Live footage of the historical concert, which took place simultaneously at nine worldwide venues on July 2, will be brought together for the first time featuring sets from U2, Muse, Dido, Robbie Williams , Madonna, Elton John, Coldplay, REM, Pink Floyd, [/a], [a] and [/a].

Three discs of the package will feature performances taken from the Live 8 shows staged in London and Philadelphia alongside key highlights from the seven other events staged across the world. Every artist who performed at London’s Hyde Park and Philadelphia’s Museum Of Art appear on the DVD.


The Live 8 DVD will feature the one-off duets from [a] and [/a], Elton and Pete Doherty and Coldplay featuring Richard Ashcroft – as well as the all-star finale of ’Hey Jude’ (featuring NME’s very own Dan Martin).

Footage from the Philadelphia leg of the event will include [a], Destiny’s Child, Bon Jovi and [a][/a].

Disc 4 will include exclusive extras, featuring a never-been-seen backstage documentary filmed at Hyde Park, Pink Floyd’s Live 8 reunion rehearsal, more acts from Live 8’s global concerts such as McFly and Bjork in Tokyo, films by The Who and Travis and a contribution from Ricky Gervais.

The special features section will offer highlights from Edinburgh’s Final Push concert at Murrayfield Stadium on July 6, which will include performances from James Brown, Travis and The Proclaimers.

Single disc sets for the Paris, Berlin, Rome and Toronto Live 8 concerts will also be made available.

Live 8 organiser Bob Geldof said: “I hope this will be the biggest selling DVD of all time. It deserves to be. More importantly perhaps, it should be, for it will help us achieve our goal of changing the lives of the extreme poor for the better and making our generation the one that helped end the disgrace of poverty.”


A generous royalty from the sales of the Live 8 DVD is set to go to the Band Aid Trust for the relief of hunger and poverty in Africa.