The classic line-up thrill fans with first show in over 20 years...

PINK FLOYD’s classic line-up took to the stage for the first time in over twenty years tonight at LIVE 8 in LONDON (July 2).

The band reformed especially for the show and dedicated their performance to Syd Barrett, the founder member who left the band in the late 60s.

“It’s great to be playing again with these three guys,” said bassist Roger Waters as the band launched into ‘Wish You Were Here’. “This is for the people who can’t be here – especially Syd.”


The band played four tracks including ‘Money’ and ‘Comfortably Numb’. The line-up, Dave Gilmour, Roger Waters, Rick Wright and Nick Mason, had not played together since the mid-eighties, shortly after the release of 1983’s ’The Final Cut’.

Speaking before the gig Mason said the band had not even sat down to work out what songs to play, saying: “It’s sort of assumed that we’ll all remember how they go.”

Of the reunion, the drummer told The Telegraph that Live 8 organiser Bob Geldof was the main force in getting the musicians back together.

”I think Bob Geldof wanted an addition to what he did last time,” he said. “He wanted a novelty act basically. It was a toss up between us and the Spice Girls. Not sure if we lost or won.”

He added: “At this point it’s nice to be remembered not just for a bunch of jolly tunes, but for something that might make a real difference to the world.”

Bob Geldof appeared in Pink Floyd’s film ’The Wall’ in 1982, directed by Alan Parker. It was at this time that he struck up a friendship with bassist Waters.


Mason said: “Roger and Bob Geldof have enormous respect for each other, The two of them together are a bit like Hitler and Stalin with a better sense of humour, and in Bob Geldof‘s case, worse hair.”

The reunion of Pink Floyd is the penultimate act of the London Live 8 concert which will conclude with [a][/a] leading an all-star band.