Chris Rock defends Live Earth swearing

Comic is critical of climate change show despite being host

Chris Rock has defended his pre-watershed swearing at the Live Earth concert today (July 7).

The American comic’s expletive-peppered introduction to the Red Hot Chili Peppers was televised live on BBC TV, but producers cut off the sound for fear of further offending the audience at home.

Presenters Graham Nortonand Jonathan Ross had to apologise to viewers, insisting that all artists had been warned not to use bad language during the show.

However when later quizzed on his cheeky behaviour, Rock simply said, “I like to say those things. It’s not good weed if you don’t choke”.

The comic also delivered a further verbal two-fingers to the event by quipping, “I think this will do for global warming what Live 8 did for ending world hunger.”